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Sustainability in Limassol Cyprus

The building where S Paul Hotel is situated was built approximately in the 1820s. It used to be a ground floor structure only and was used as the stables and employee department of Lady Kryristalia’s home, which is situated at the top of the street near the hotel. After some years the first floor was build and used as the first townhall of Limassol until 1918. Then it was used as a part of the bank, a gentlemen club, where the high society of Limassol would meet and discuss political issues, and a part of the Metropole Hotel which was opposite the street and operated by Sir Paul Pavlides. In 1960 Sir Paul Pavlides left Cyprus and in the following years the building suffered damage due to a catastrophic rain which ruined its roof, therefore closing down the building. The building was left empty for 35 years until 2015, when the family decided to renovate and build the S Paul Hotel.

All original structures of the edifice were preserved and new structures were built where needed with the utmost respect to the history of the building. Materials like stone and wood were used as main elements in the renovation. The renovation of the building was done with respect to the history such as the restoration of the main staircase that leads to the first floor. A large atrium can be found in the center of the building surrounded by stone arches which were restored and stand at the full glory.

Apart from the renovation concerned with the history of the building, the family took into account sustainability and environmental issues. The automation system KNX, designed by Zennio, was put in place in the hotel to monitor lighting, HVAC systems, metering, security system, energy management, monitoring systems and remote control. With the help of KNX it is possible to face sustainability matters, such as energy consumption and machine faults.

2020 GOALS!


  • Measure a full year of energy usage.
  • Reduce the energy usage in the second year of operation.
  • Worst case scenario: same as first year and find ways to improve


  • Measure a full year of water consumption.
  • Reduce the water consumption in the second year of operation.
  • Worst case scenario: same as first year and find ways to improve


  • Improve separation of waste
  • Find better ways to recycle and reuse all type of waste
  • Look into starting composts

Carbon Footprint:

  • Calculate our carbon footprint of first year of operation
  • Reduce our carbon footprint the second year of operation


  • Research other ways to become more sustainable
  • Co-operate with more NGOs
  • Do seminars and training days for all staff
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