S Paul Hotel Limassol Cyprus

Safe Stay at S Paul Hotel

Safe Stay at S Paul Hotel

At S Paul Hotel we aim to provide an excellent guest experience. This is our mission and every day goal.


Even in these challenging days, our core values remain unchanged: responsibility, care, consistency.


The well being of our visitors, guests, team and community is a priority, so you can feel safe from the moment you enter until the moment you exit our Hotel and Restaurant.


What We Do:


We have taken extra precautionary measures and set up additional procedures:


Face masks are required when entering the hotel, and when moving around inside all public areas, restaurant and bar.


-Signs and visual cues are installed to remind our guests to practice social distancing.


-We follow the restrictions and guidelines of the authorities as for the number of people allowed within the areas of our Hotel. To make it easy for our visitors, we have put up signs with the limitation number in the entrance of the Hotel,  bar and restaurant.


-We have put alcohol based hand sanitizers for visitors, guests and our team in all public areas as well as all Hotel rooms.


-We clean and disinfect surfaces frequently throughout the day with extra attention to highly touched areas.


-We have trained our team in our advanced team hygiene protocol in order to prevent the spread, keep everyone safe and make you feel cared for and welcomed. Every team member washes and sanitizes their hands after every encounter, wears face masks or face shields at all times and is getting tested frequently according to the guidelines and protocols provided by the local authorities.


To Arriving Guests:


-All these guidelines can be extremely confusing. That is why we have prepared and sent to our guests in advance all the hygiene protocols and procedures. Our protocols can  also be given upon arrival, or requested at the front desk of our Hotel.


-We have installed an online, therefore touch free, check-in form. Click here to proceed with your online check-in. Of course if you prefer to check-in during your arrival, you can safely do so with the guidance from a member of our team through our safe to use electronic devices at our front desk.


-We recommend cash free methods of payment. Guests can choose to pay via credit card or even via bank transfer.



The Rooms:


Room keys are disinfected and handed out without any physical contact, within a key folder personal to each guest.


– Although our cleaning practices were always exceptional, we have made some alterations and additions based on the guidelines of the Health Specialists and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, to ensure maximum disinfection and safety of our guests.


-The elevator used to get to your room is limited to a maximum number of guests. We recommend you use the stairs and keep a safe distance.



The Chivalry Restaurant & Bar:


-Our restaurant area has distance between seating and tables, as per the guidelines of the appropriate authorities.


We can do this together! 


S Paul Hotel is taking actions and reacting to the changes happening around us. Undeniably the pandemic has changed our reality. However we didn’t stay inactive. We have taken all necessary steps to secure that S Paul Hotel is ready to welcome you back safe. We found it necessary to postpone the opening of the hotel for a period of time but we will be back soon.


We stay positive and keep testing negative.


For all the latest updates on the World Health Organization CLICK HERE


The latest updates, protocols and guidelines given by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, can be found HERE


Stay updated for the latest actions taken by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus HERE


You can read about the restrictions, the application process, the information required and the legal declarations HERE


In order to apply for a Flight Pass, click HERE


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